The Ultimate Checklist Of Home Fittings At Wenirman


Browse our ultimate collection of home-fittings from affordable to luxurious range to help you make the most from your home space. Designers and builders can find artistic inspiration, ideas and thoughts according to the latest trends at affordable prices and discounted rates; all under one roof. Home is a dream which people work for, live for; we are here to accelerate your dream into passion by giving the variety of branded home fittings from construction to decoration of your house. We have all you need under one roof and here is the checklist of the products so that you start right away!

What to wait for? Let’s drool room by room!

Home is under construction or renovation? You need all the electrical fittings done with promising products and a huge range of brands, look at the list of fitting we offer:

Sockets Bulb Holders
Switches Wires & Cables
Fans MCBs
Fan Regulators Door Bells
Support Modules Spike Guards
Dimmers & Controllers Junction Boxes
Communication Modules Hotel & Hospitality Range
Cover & Base Plates Smart Electrical Products
Smart Electrical Products Glass Accessories
Handle Hinges
Locks Stopper
Tower Bolt Sliders

Let us hop on to the section of Lightings:

Lightings is the most attractive part of the home fitting, it not only illuminates a warm house but imparts a glow to the aesthetics. Trendy lights have become a major part and we cover almost all of them for you.

LED Bulbs Ceiling Lights
Spot Lights Decorative Lights
Portable Lights Nights Lamps
Strip Lights Tube Lights
Flood Lights Lighting Accessories
Street Lights Smart Lights

Many people hold onto misconceptions that bathware is generally expensive and luxurious bathroom fittings can burn a hole in the pocket, what if we provide you with a list of bathware section with the brands at an affordable range

Mixers Showers
Taps and Faucets Bathroom Accessories
Connectors & Fittings Drainage systems
Water Heaters & Geyser Wash Basins & Vanities
EWCs and Cisterns Urinals
Flushing Systems Smart Bathroom Products

Done with fittings, lightings, bathware then what else is left? Kitchen, of course. The most important part of any house, in fact the storehouse of happiness and health. No matter what, Kitchen has to be perfectly built and designed. Here is the promising range of kitchenware that WeNirman has to offer you:

Hoods and Chimney ·         Cooktops
Built-in-Hob ·         Inductions
 Ovens & Microwaves ·         Ventilating Fans
Outdoor Barbeques ·         Dishwasher
Fitments & Baskets ·         Ball Bearing Sliders
Storages ·         Sinks
Dispensers & Purifiers ·         Kitchen Accessories

Visit our website at and look at the amazing variety of houseware goods with a quality we promise, check the list of available brands at the best deal of prices which you’ll never get anywhere else.  Being India’s first online store that offers post building products and post construction elements at affordable price we provide factory price and attractive discounts for bulk orders. Our genuineness is our trademark and 100% customer satisfaction our target.

Call us on – 0120-6888800 or email us your enquiries and suggestions at –


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