Secure your valuable properties from short circuits with powerful MCBs

Are your devices often dealing with voltage fluctuations? Do you know these fluctuations are harmful for home appliances? The MCBs or Mini Circuit Breakers are a great help to keep the power supplies consistent. Secure your electronics from getting damaged with Cona, Philips, Greatwhite and Goldmedal. These MCBs are launched in different colours like metallic grey, white and silver to match your house’s themes. Ranging from 0.5A to 63A these reliable circuit breakers are available in ‘B’ and ‘C’ series. Prefer an MCB over a Fuse, since it does not require any replacement once an overload is detected. Pick the one, your place demands, from single, double and four pole MCBs here:

  • Cona B Series Double Pole 10 AMP MCB White – 3496
  • Goldmedal Nixon C20 SP MCB (1M) Digital Silver-101480
  • Greatwhite Fiana MCB SPN ‘C’ series 10A White-20442
  • Philips SafeTec MCB B Curve Single Pole 6A (Set of 12) – 913
  • Indo Asian Caretron Isolator MCB Three Pole 63A White- 81013

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