Classic Built-in-hobs for a gleaming Kitchen

Does your Gas stove or cook top looks odd in your modular kitchen? Or you need multiple burners for cooking meals in lesser time? It’s time to replace your old cook tops by built-in-hobs.

Gas hobs have always been the traditional and most popular choice these days. These are easy to use and provide instant heat. They usually come with an ignition switch and knobs to control the intensity of each ring. Buy Kaff, Kutchina, Kkolar Five Brass Burner Hobs in different sizes from WeNirman. We have an astonishing stack of gas hobs under the kitchenware section. Pick out your lustrous piece and enjoy cooking:

  • Elica Built in Hob Size: 60 Cm, Dimension WxD Cm( 600×525)
  • Carysil Kitchen Appliance Hobs(Standard Line) Size 76cm SS3-
  • Laber Built in Hobs 65cm-HGG 653 CRS BR CI WH
  • Hafele Nagold Built in Gas Hob with Aluminium Burners 90cm-D
  • Kaff Cooking Ranges KSB 60 50 ltrs


Why to pay more than the fair value? WeNirman has all that you need for your home at affordable prices. The one stop complete solution to all your interior designing requirements. All you need to do is just few clicks on the screen. Choose WeNirman for a carefree shopping experience, online.


We provide free shipping on all orders above 1000 INR. All the products at WeNirman are covered under a 7- Day Money Back Guarantee. For further details and query talk contact us anytime round the clock at 0120 6888800 or Email us at


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