Don’t let a door bang your face, buy a door stopper


Door stoppers are an integral part of any organization, be it home, office, educational premises etc. Where there is a door, there is a door stopper. Some of the doors don’t require door stoppers as they do not have the spring in them that allows them to close the door automatically. Irrespective of the fact that a door as spring or not, you need to have door stoppers. What if there’s a storm and all the doors are just making noise by constantly opening and closing?

Imagine having a beautiful house with great interiors but that is spoiled by an ugly door stopper. Shop for beautiful and stylish (and cheap too) door stoppers from WeNirman. Choose the most durable and stylish door stoppers from great brands at unbelievable prices. Pay a small price for a huge lasting impression.
Our top picks for the best door stoppers available on Wenirman:

Bush Door Stopper Bullet Big Finish SL-BI-7013B

Bush Door Stopper Floor Finish NS/NSN/ANT-BI-7013BNS

Foras Stopper Alluminium – FADSAL01A

Foras Stopper SS 202 – FADBSS04SS202

Foras Stopper Zinc – FADSZN01Z

WeNirman has become a household name when shopping for post construction necessities online. And for areas where net connectivity is an issue, don’t worry! Soon you would be able to order offline as WeNirman is installing digital Kiosks for their loyal users.
If you like this idea of power of online being offline, you can also invest with us / part of franchise and be a part of this great venture.

Just connect though phone: 0120-6888800 or write to us on:


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