Philips SpikeGuards to charge many devices at once!


Spikeguards! What are spikeguards? In technical terms it is an electrical appliance that allows you to charge or plug in multiple devices at a one time as it has many sockets in it, mostly 3-8. But in reality it is a boon to the people who love to spend their entire day in their room using laptops, gaming consoles, to charge multiple devices, etc.

You realize the importance of spike guards when there is a trip next day or when you need to urgently charge many things or when there are relatives at home and you need as many sockets as possible. Another purpose which they serve is that if your “place of resting” is far from the socket, you can plug in the spike guard and then plug your charger in the socket!

Philips is a well-known manufacturer of best electrical appliances and has established themselves as a strong and trustable brand.
Here are the most durable must have SpikeGuards from Philips:

Philips Extension Extension Chord with 2 USB ports (Set of 1

Philips Extension Chord with Indivisual Switches (Set of 10)

Philips 4 Way Spike & Surge Guard 2 mtr Cord (Set of 10)

Philips 4 Way Spike & Surge Guard 1.5 mtr Cord (Set of

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