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By now you must be knowing about WeNirman and how big a brand it has become. In the coming years we will the leading ecommerce portal in terms of post construction goods like lights, hardware, bathroom needs, kitchenware and also basic needs like locks, bolts, locks, wires etc.

We offer many products from various product categories which further divided into sub categories. You can browse and select various products on the basis of price, type and brand. Each product comes with a warranty and (most) of the products are available at discounted prices.

But why choose WeNirman?

• Largest product catalog of Bath wares & Bathroom Fittings, Electric Fittings, Lightings, Kitchenware, Home Automation.

• India’s first online store offering “Just Discovered” smart home products from across the globe at your doorstep.

• Get all major brand and deep product collection with express dispatch with world class post-sales support.

If you order on bulk, you will be eligible for more discounts. Shop with Wenirman and change the way you buy and save. There is a small procedure that needs to be followed. Visit:

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Don’t let a door bang your face, buy a door stopper


Door stoppers are an integral part of any organization, be it home, office, educational premises etc. Where there is a door, there is a door stopper. Some of the doors don’t require door stoppers as they do not have the spring in them that allows them to close the door automatically. Irrespective of the fact that a door as spring or not, you need to have door stoppers. What if there’s a storm and all the doors are just making noise by constantly opening and closing?

Imagine having a beautiful house with great interiors but that is spoiled by an ugly door stopper. Shop for beautiful and stylish (and cheap too) door stoppers from WeNirman. Choose the most durable and stylish door stoppers from great brands at unbelievable prices. Pay a small price for a huge lasting impression.
Our top picks for the best door stoppers available on Wenirman:

Bush Door Stopper Bullet Big Finish SL-BI-7013B

Bush Door Stopper Floor Finish NS/NSN/ANT-BI-7013BNS

Foras Stopper Alluminium – FADSAL01A

Foras Stopper SS 202 – FADBSS04SS202

Foras Stopper Zinc – FADSZN01Z

WeNirman has become a household name when shopping for post construction necessities online. And for areas where net connectivity is an issue, don’t worry! Soon you would be able to order offline as WeNirman is installing digital Kiosks for their loyal users.
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Smart Bathroom products


Imagine coming home after a long tiring day and then taking a long relaxing bath in a luxurious and glamorous bathroom complete with smart bathroom products. It might sound dreamy but expensive right? No! Choose WeNirman to shop for smart home products for an amazing range and at discounted prices.

Everything is becoming smart these days, first it was phones then TV then watches and now homes. They give you the ultimate feel of luxury and satisfaction. Everything either works on Bluetooth or on your finger senses. Just sink in the feel of luxury and life your life to the fullest.

Don’t go anywhere when everything is available online and gets delivered to you on your doorstep at unbelievable prices.

Shop for the best Smart bathroom products at unbelievable prices available on WeNirman;

Benelave Urinal Sensor (AC-DC) Design PL-BLACP90719

Essess Sensor basin tap-RLST102SNB

Volga Flush Valve Button Type 32mm-701

Prayag Droplets Soap Dispenser – BEA-20

Benelave Sensor Faucets Pillar Sensor Faucet (AC-DC) – BLACP

WeNirman has becoming among the best sites to shop for post construction related commodities at great prices. Shop for different product categories, on the basis of your requirements, need, price, quality, color etc. Each product is available on discounted prices and if you order in bulk then you have to pay even less!

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Have a hassle free cooking experience with Inductions


Are you an independent women who like everything modern even her kitchen? Then induction cooking is definitely for you. Unlike the traditional cooktops, inductions require almost zero usage of gas and uses electricity to heat up the pans and other utensils.

Inductions not only contribute to hassle free cooking but also enhances the overall look of the kitchen. They are not only good looking but some of them are also easy on the pocket adding as an extra benefit to hostellers and to the people who live alone or in a PG accommodation.

WeNirman has the best inductions to give your kitchen the look and feel of luxury. They look chic and stylish and save on your gas bill. Shop for the induction that will suit your style and taste and make a huge impression among your friends and family.

Top 5 Inductions available on WeNirman:

Hafele Nagold Built in Induction Hob 60cm-ELENA 60

Hindware Induction Cooktops Dino Digital Display, 1900W Time

Kaff KV60 4IND Induction built-in-hob

Hindware Induction Cooktops USO LED Display, 2000W Timer 2

Hafele Nagold Built in Induction Hob 30cm-BELLÁ 30

WeNirman is just one click away from your electrical, hardware , kitchen, bathroom needs. Basically everything your home requires after it constructed, you name it we have it , that too at discounted prices!

We are also installing digital kiosks by the end of October in the major cities of North India.To invest with us, connect with us through phone: +91 120 6888800 or mail:

Philips SpikeGuards to charge many devices at once!


Spikeguards! What are spikeguards? In technical terms it is an electrical appliance that allows you to charge or plug in multiple devices at a one time as it has many sockets in it, mostly 3-8. But in reality it is a boon to the people who love to spend their entire day in their room using laptops, gaming consoles, to charge multiple devices, etc.

You realize the importance of spike guards when there is a trip next day or when you need to urgently charge many things or when there are relatives at home and you need as many sockets as possible. Another purpose which they serve is that if your “place of resting” is far from the socket, you can plug in the spike guard and then plug your charger in the socket!

Philips is a well-known manufacturer of best electrical appliances and has established themselves as a strong and trustable brand.
Here are the most durable must have SpikeGuards from Philips:

Philips Extension Extension Chord with 2 USB ports (Set of 1

Philips Extension Chord with Indivisual Switches (Set of 10)

Philips 4 Way Spike & Surge Guard 2 mtr Cord (Set of 10)

Philips 4 Way Spike & Surge Guard 1.5 mtr Cord (Set of

We carry different products on our website that are required post construction. Why go from shop to shop when you get everything online that are delivered to you on your doorstep? Shop from over best brands at affordable prices and beautiful designs at .

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Top 5 Fan Regulators from Anchor

blog-3When your house gets constructed or you purchase a new one or get it refurbished, you ensure that everything in your house is on point and pay attention to the minute of the details. So why not also pay a little attention on the type of fan regulators you will use. After all it’s the little details that matters and makes all the difference. Fan regulators are very important, be it any organization, educational institutions or residential spaces. If they are of beautiful designs then they automatically add zing to the interiors.

To ensure that you always get the best quality products at discounted prices, trust WeNirman. We carry thousands of products from different brands.

Here are the top 5 Fan regulators from Anchor available on WeNirman:

Anchor Roma Allure Fan Regulator Step Dura EME 100W Black-21

Anchor Roma Fan Regulator Step Dura EME 100W White-21496

Anchor Penta Urea Range Deluxe Fan Regulator 100W Dark Brown

Anchor Penta Urea Range Mini Fan Regulator 100W Dark Brown-3

Anchor Penta Urea Range Mini Fan Regulator 100W Ivory-50790
WeNirman is the best online portal to shop for all products required after construction of your home. With categories like hardware, bathing, electrical, lighting etc., why go anywhere else when WeNirman fulfills all your household product needs so impeccably? For any queries or to invest with our upcoming idea of digital Kiosk, connect to us via phone at 0120-6888800 or e-mail at!