Give Your House A Brain With Home Automation


Smart home technologies have made it easier for home owners to take control of the many tasks around the house that previously required human intervention. But, what is smart home technology and how can it help change lives for the better?

Saving Time & Money

The automation or management of your home and daily life is achieved through smart home technologies. This varies from lights that can be controlled from a remote location or on a schedule, to connected home entertainment systems, or added features to enhance home security.

A big USP of smart home technology is that it can actually save money, apart from making life more convenient. For example, by installing a smart thermostat in your house you can save energy and gain monetary benefits on your bill. How? A smart thermostat has adaptive scheduling and pre-sets which are automated to match your life and keep your home comfortable. The controls can be performed from your phone or from your wrist, while you are on the go.

The ability to control lighting remotely is another great way to save money. From motion sensors that turn off all lights in rooms when it is unoccupied for a certain amount of time, to lighting pre-sets that never turn lights on at more than 75% brightness, thereby utilising far less electricity and prolonging bulb life.

Enhancing Home Security

Another incredible use of smart home technology is enhancing the security of your home with smart lighting. This lighting can activate in patterns while you are not at home, giving an impression to outsiders that your home is occupied. Blinds and video-entertainment can also join in on the game. Besides, surveillance cameras can be viewed remotely from a smartphone for live monitoring and you can receive alerts when movement is detected.

A smart home technology integrates efficiently with other products or systems in the home.  This ensures your smart phone is compatible with other devices making it more useful now and helping make future upgrades easier. So, step in to invest in a smart home technology for better security and savings.


Exclusive Range Of Cooktops For Convenient Cooking

CRYSTAL40CTAI-800x600 If you are wondering how to buy a cooktop, then one of the primary considerations is size.  Thankfully, modern cooktops range allows buyers the flexibility to choose an appliance that fits in their kitchen decor. So, it’s apparent that the choice of cooktops should be done depending on the space you have.

But, the dilemma does not end there because cooktops have come a long way since the introduction of the traditional four-burner models. They come in a variety of types and sizes. Let’s look at some of the types. The three standard types of cooktops are: gas, electric and induction.

While gas is mostly preferred by chefs due to its potential to instantly modify heat when cooking, the electric range is admired for its low risk aspect when it comes to gas leaks or open flames. Induction cooktops may be the most expensive of the lot but they have the fastest cooking times. They are also the most energy efficient. The cost of induction cooktops rises with the more number of power settings you have.

Features and Useful Extras

The convenience of cooking comes with the efficiency of your cooktop. Modern cooking appliances are attached with many useful features. So, when buying one, you need to ensure what features are important to you and how these will influence your budget.

Some of the common features on modern cooktops:

•    Electric touch controls

•    High – intensity power burner

•    Pan presence sensor turn the unit off when not in use

    Bridge element creating one large cooking area for bigger tasks

•    Downdraft exhaust

Buying a cooktop has become more of a challenge in recent years. Regardless of the type of equipment you choose, it is strongly recommended that all cooktops are installed by a trained professional.