5 Ways You Can Use Ceiling Lamps To Add Warmth To Your House


House is a place where you spend a big chunk of your life, so, it is understandable that you want your home to be lit nicely. But, there are so many options to choose from; ceiling fixtures, sconces and chandeliers. The right lighting can make you feel relaxed and productive, but beyond that, they add warmth to your abode. You have to first consider the function of the room before selecting the type of lighting. Depending on the function of the room, you can choose from aesthetic lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting.

Ceiling lights help in both a practical way and an aesthetic way so that we feel warm and welcomed. There is a wide range of ceiling lights to choose from for your home. The extensive collection highlights the varying styles and designs of lighting you may have to give your home a truly unique look. Our hope is to recommend you five ways to add warmth to your house.

1.    Chandelier is the most traditional form of ceiling lighting available ranging from minimal candle designs to ornamental crystalline creations. The range is limitless.  Hanging lights are more suitable for rooms like dining space that require ambient lighting with little more focus on the table.

2.    Drawing room is the most used part of the house featuring a wide range of decorative – paintings, mirrors, statues and more. Appropriate lighting is very important to bring up every element of the space. Putting up wall mounted ceiling lights will add glamour to the room. You can also use dimmer lights for adjusting the lighting as per your mood.

3.    Track lighting is another popular form of lighting being used recently. A metal frame is embedded in the ceiling from which any number of light sources can be mounted or hung.

4.    Another interesting feature to add to your house is ceiling fans that contain lights. A fan made of varying metallic blades with a single light source recessed around the central sphere form an exquisitely unique piece.

5.    For a fully clean silhouette in any room, recessed lighting is the most subtle solution for any home. They can be purchased in a wide variety of painted and metal tones.

Lighting is very technical and one of the most complex areas of design. Investing in the right lighting sources can help you achieve the most comprehensive results best suited to your needs.



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